Visit Bribery Bakery for a Sweet Time

Living in Austin, Texas is truly an adventure! With a multitude of unique shops, eateries, and events right outside your door, living at Sur512 offers a lifestyle unlike any other. One little shop you can't miss out on is Bribery Bakery.

Jodi Elliot has loved to bake since she was just a little girl. Her grandmother was her first culinary teacher and even gave her recipes that are used in Bribery Bakery today. It was Jodi's mother who told her at 16 years old to find what she loved to do and do it. That's what Jodi has been doing ever since! She graduated from the Culinary Institute of American in NYC and hasn't stopped being in the kitchen. Now she is the proud owner of Bribery Bakery in two locations in the Austin area.

When you step into Jodi's bakery, you will be transported to a whimsically sweet world full of vibrant colors and delightful decorations. But it's the pastries and baked goods that truly are the star here. Just walk up to the beautifully arranged bakery case and you will be in awe. You can find anything from muffins, to chocolate cake, to pineapple brown butter blondies, to Gruyere popovers, and even cinnamon rolls "the size of your face," Jodi proclaims. Visiting frequently will definitely be a pay-off as she often has daily specials and surprises ready to eat. To wash it all down, you can order a cold brew coffee, cappuccino or even a chai latte.

When your sweet tooth gets the best of you, make your way down to the whimsical Bribery won't be sorry! For more information on the area or to find your new life here with us at Sur512 Apartments, contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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