Escape From The Texas Panic Room

Are you looking for something different to do with your friends this weekend? Then head to the Texas Panic Room.

It is the state's original escape room, and it provides a fun, interactive experience for thrill seekers.

Voted “One of the Top 10 Escape Games in the United States” by USA Today, participants have sixty minutes to escape the room, and to do so, they must solve puzzles using hidden clues and their deduction skills. Only thirty-four percent successfully escape, and current rooms include:

Phase III: Human Trials

During this heart-pounding challenge, participants are the kidnapped subjects of a mad scientist who injected them with a lethal drug. The chances of survival look grim until a secret ally may help them find a cure and escape before the doctor returns.

Prison Break

This is the hardest room, and it is known as the ultimate test of teamwork. While handcuffed in prison, teams must work diligently to solve the clues that will allow them to break out before the sheriff returns. It's important to note that this room is not for first timers.

Abandoned School

Working as secret agents, teams are responsible for stealing an important blueprint created by a self-proclaimed boy genius. It's hidden somewhere in a classroom and must be found before the class comes back from a field trip.

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