Enjoy Karate, Judo, and More Near Sur512

Whether you take a martial arts class to learn self-defense skills or to add to your fitness routine, there are several nearby studios near our Austin, Texas apartments that can help you meet your goals.

Martial Arts of Austin

Just a five-minute walk away, Martial Arts of Austin is the #1 dojo in the city. It began as a vision many years ago to conduct martial arts with the highest element available anywhere. The dojo's mission is to continue teaching, practicing, learning and expanding to new heights. It is the only school in the state that teaches and integrates the Japanese writing system into its martial arts curriculum, meaning all students have an opportunity to read, write, and speak Japanese. The instructors offer the most up to date training for students of all skill levels. One of our favorite programs is striking. During this class, students learn kicking, punching, disarming, and kickboxing.

Blankenship Martial Arts

Blankenship's purpose is to help all students achieve their goals. It's known for providing a feeling of camaraderie and support, and the instructors acknowledge that students attend martial arts training with a variety of goals such as health & fitness, self-defense, and stress reduction. Classes include judo, tai chi, and weapons training.

Elite Martial Arts

At Elite Martial Arts, the instructors combine techniques for various styles of karate, tae kwon do, jiu jitsu, hapkido, and more. This allows students to study street smart defense which focuses on resolving conflicts in a non-violent way. Adult classes are offered Monday through Thursday, and on Saturday.

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