Celebrate Carnaval Brasileiro's 40th Anniversary

Austin is a cultural hub filled with global cuisines, art, and lively events. One celebration that Austinites look forward to every year is Carnaval Brasileiro.

This cultural extravaganza was brought to the streets of Austin by homesick Brazilian students who could not fathom a year without their beloved celebration. After organizing the first Carnaval, the infectious samba drums and lively energy reeled in more and more guests. Eventually, the ever-growing crowds were relocated to downtown Austin where the event is still held today.

With over 6,000 attendees, Carnaval Brasileiro is the largest indoor Brazilian Mardi Gras celebration in the world. Guests will ring in its 40th year with the theme The Big Easy: New Orleans, a mashup celebration of Brazilian culture with Louisiana flare. This year will continue to deliver spirited dance, intoxicating beats, and of course elaborate costumes. One of the best aspects of the event is marveling at the intricate garments and amazing body art. Guests can either come prepared or get painted onsite.

For the 13th year in a row, Carnaval will welcome another musical theater performance by Austin Samba, the country’s largest samba group. The celebrated group with be on-theme with New Orleans-influenced drumming and dance. The party will also feature the celebrated singer Dandara, who is known for her brilliant vocals and vibrant dance moves.

Transport yourself to the streets of Brazil without leaving Austin's city limits. Carnaval Brasileiro will take place Saturday, February 25th at Palmer Events Center.

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