Go Salsa Dancing At Carnaval Brasileiro

Does your idea of a hot salsa involve dancing shoes instead of chili spices? If so, set your sights on spending February 25th away from Sur512 Apartments. That day marks the return of the Carnaval Brasileiro, an annual event with the reputation of heating things up around Austin. Tickets are cheaper if you buy them now but given the great fun to be had, they’re worth the outlay at any cost.

The smoking hot festivities are set to take place at the Palmer Events Center. It’s a stunning venue on Barton Springs Road. So the travel distance between it and Sur512 Apartments is a mere 8 miles. It is reachable by Capital Metro South Central Transit Center or a personal vehicle. All of those options are available just outside Sur512 Apartments.

The five-hour-long, high-energy event doubles as an optional costume party. So make sure you get to Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds and pick out something to wear. It’s one of the closest costume shops to Sur512 Apartments. We’d recommend picking out something that allows you to samba, salsa, and otherwise shake your groove thing without restraint. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a cool mask too! At this type of event, face paints and half masks that allow for lots of air circulation tend to be best.

The party is being held indoors but with all of the people expected, the room is sure to heat up fast. Accordingly, there will be cash bars available as the two live bands dominate the center’s stage. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be on offer but no substantial food. As such, you may want to eat a little something before you leave your Sur512 Apartments and head to the carnival site. To learn more about this carnival style party and other Latin Music festivals taking place this year, please contact us at Sur512 Apartments today.

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