Stop By The Annual Austin Oyster Festival

Oysters, they’re protein-packed and full of essential vitamins and minerals. So who could resist a chance to step out of their Sur512 apartment and enjoy them? Not us, we don’t have the willpower and we’re betting you can’t pass by a plate of them either. Good thing the Annual Austin Oyster Festival isn’t too far out. It’s set to kick off on February 25th, 2017. So, we won’t blame you if you pull out your trusty seafood forks now.

Presented by Jeri’s Seafood, this year’s bib-worthy event is expected to be more amazing than the last four. It’s going to be held at the French Legation Museum, which isn’t far from the Sur512 apartment community. The vendors will have their succulent oysters ready for sampling promptly at noon and the bounty of fresh seafood will remain available until 6 p.m. that day.

So just go ahead and plan on eating oysters for lunch, as well as dinner. There will be no judgment passed here. Hit the raw bars as often as you wish. They’re slated to contain more than a dozen different oyster dishes in total.

Plus, the Oyster Festival’s organizers promise to have a great variety of live entertainment available beyond the wonderful food and beverages. It’s all included with the modest price of admission, which begins at $40 per individual. Oyster lovers looking to enjoy the benefits of VIP status may expect to pay a little more. However, most deem the added benefits worth the extra $50 bucks.

To learn more about the area and our apartment community, please contact the Sur512 apartments team today.

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