Participate In The 7th Annual Austin Gorilla Run

Most people have heard of a 5K fundraiser. You run (or walk) to raise money for various charities, and they are usually a lot of fun because it feels great to donate some of your time to help others. Whether you're an avid runner or you just enjoy doing something charitable, we've got the scoop on a 5K this January in Austin that you absolutely cannot miss...

The 7th annual Austin Gorilla Run takes place at Camp Mabry on January 28, 2017. You may be wondering if you read that right--yes, it does say Gorilla Run. Yes, you'll actually be running with gorillas--well, not exactly. You and your fellow runners will all be dressed like gorillas, with a few bananas thrown in there to shake things up! This incredible event raises money for a very important charity--the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund. Proceeds from this fund go directly to help save those beautiful, gentle giants and increase their population. Roughly 20 years ago, there were just 248 mountain gorillas in the whole world, but thanks to funds raised through events like the Gorilla Run, that number is now a whopping 880. Funds raised from the run will help the state-of-the-art Ruth Keesling Wildlife Health and Research Center in Kampala, Uganda continue to perform the life-saving research that has proved to be so beneficial to the mountain gorillas.

Registration for the race is available online or you can register from 7-8:30 am on the 28th. Do you have a group of friends who want to register as a team? Great! Teams are welcome to register and create a team gorilla theme (think hula gorillas with grass skirts!)--teams of 10 or more receive a 10% discount, and there will be a prize awarded for the biggest team. Gorilla and banana suits are included in the registration fee and they are yours to keep once the race is over! Fees are as follows (Little Gorillas are ages 12 and under):

First Time Adult Gorilla: $99.95 (until 1/27), $109.95 (1/28) First Time Adult Banana: $60 (until 1/27), $70 (1/28) Returning Adult Gorilla: $40 (until 1/27), $50 (1/28) First Time Little Gorilla: $30 (until 1/27), $40 (1/28) Returning Little Gorilla: $15 (until 1/27), $25 (1/28)

As if the run was not enough, the fun continues after the race with the Silverback After Party. Tickets for the Silverback After Party are $10 and available on the day of the race or online. The after party will be a rowdy good time, full of great food, music, and drinks.

The Austin Gorilla Run is a unique event benefitting a fantastic organization. Please feel free to contact us to learn about more incredible fundraising events in the Austin area that truly make a difference.

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