Best Places To Grab A Donut In Austin

As the wise Homer Simpson once said, "Mmmmmmm...donuts." Very few people can turn down those soft, delicious pieces of fried dough. Here in Austin, TX we've got quite a few places that make amazing donuts; it's up to you to find your favorite.

Gourdough's: 2700 S Lamar Blvd, 209 W 5th St, and 1503 S 1st St (food truck)

The menu varies by location (the food truck only serves sweet donuts), but if you love donuts, you can definitely get your fill at Gourdough's. Burgers, sandwiches, salads- everything is served with a donut here. The dessert donuts can't be beat. Try the Squealing Pig which has cream cheese icing, bacon, strawberry jalapeno jelly, and candied jalapenos or the Ring O' Fire which has chipotle infused brownie batter, chocolate icing, brownie bites, salted butter caramel sauce, and cayenne candied pieces.

River City Donut and Coffee House: 1945 W William Cannon Drive

This place will remind you a lot of a certain other national donut chain, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The drive-thru is really convenient and River City is open all week from 5 am until 9 pm.

Shipley Do-Nuts: 8213 Brodie Lane

Shipley's donuts have been around for 80 years. For the record, 80 years is longer than Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme. This Texas-born company has almost 200 stores and each one serves fresh donuts daily. Each delicious piece of fried dough is a version of either a yeast, filled, or cake donut. A major perk of this location is the drive-thru, so you can quickly grab a dozen on the way to or from work (or both).

KC Donuts: 8106 Brodie Lane

You'll have a hard time deciding between Shipley's and KC Donuts since they are practically a stone's throw away from each other, but the long line at KC's speaks volumes. In addition to blueberry, old-fashioned, chocolate glazed, and maple bacon donuts, you'll find kolaches and delicious breakfast tacos.

Super Donuts: 615 W Slaughter Lane

Don't pass this place by! The donuts are soft, fluffy, and perfectly sweet. They also have croissants, apple fritters, and muffins, or try a kolache filled with sausage and cheese, ham, jalapeno cheese, or fruit.

Donuts are just one of the many things that this city does really well. If you're looking for a luxury apartment in Austin, contact us. We are conveniently located only 15 minutes from downtown.

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