Chill Out At The Austin Ice Cream Festival

When the heat in Austin rises, Texans scramble to cool off in the best ways possible. That’s just one reason you’ll find two swimming pools in our luxury community’s recreational areas, as well as ceiling fans inside every apartment. But we know that during the dog days of summer, these amenities, as fabulous as they are, might not suffice. So we’ve got another activity that Sur512 residents may just be sweet on. It’s the Austin Ice Cream Festival.

Held every August, this year it will be taking place at Fiesta Gardens over on Jesse E. Segovia Street. The one-day only event is scheduled to kick off at 10 a.m. on Saturday the 13th. Admission is free, no tickets are required and the frosty fun is expected to last until 7 p.m. Just bear in mind that some of the ice cream festival’s events will be taking place outdoors in areas with very little shade. As such, it is encouraged to dress appropriately and wear plenty of sunscreen because even cloudy days in Austin, Texas, have the potential to result in a sunburn. Oh and yes, that sunscreen suggestion goes for the tops of your feet too!

And if you’re feeling really cool the day of the festival, consider signing up for one of the great contests taking place at the gardens on that day. One contest that many adults love is the ice cream eating competitions. These two events go hand-in-hand and there are plenty of places to practice before within an easy distance of Sur512. Among the best nearby spots to grab a cone are Sweet Ritual, Austin Scoops, Marble Slab Creamery and Amy’s Ice Cream.

And don’t worry about the extra calories all of that training will likely bring. They’ll burn off easily after a few fitness classes, which are offered at the apartment community. To learn more about cooling off around Sur512, please contact us today.

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