Discover The Past At Pioneer Farms

Less than sixteen miles from Sur512 Apartments, is a place that allows visitors to step back in time. The place is Pioneer Farms, and it is the premier living history destination in Central Texas.

As you explore this beautiful 90 acre property, you'll discover several themed historic areas. They include:

Tonkawa Encampment - Dating back to 1841, this authentic Tonkawa Indian campsite is the farm's earliest historic site. Here, you'll learn how people lived in Central Texas when the state was still a Republic.

German Immigration Farm - It's hard to imagine, but thirteen children grew up in this small one-room log cabin. This site tells the story of the Kruger family who immigrated to Texas from Germany. You’ll discover how meals were made in the outdoor kitchen and why a gate known as “Devil's Gate” has an interesting history.

Texian Farm - Once the home of Frederick and Harriet Jourdan, this property reflects their middle class status and way of life. Along with touring the house, visitors will also see the nearby barns and corrals.

Cotton Planters Farm - Built right before the Civil War began, this farm was once the home of a wealthy family when cotton crops were very profitable in Texas. Costumed interpreters will teach you all about life during the Victorian era as they show you different common rooms, such as the kitchen and spinning room where looms and wheels made thread and yarn. To enhance your experience, visitors can step in and help with the chores in the livestock corrals.

Sprinkle Corner - Sprinkle Corner is a recreated rural village that contains exhibits, houses, and a general store. As you spend time in the village, you can work with the carpenter, help with daily tasks at the General Merchandise shop, and so much more.

If you would like to learn about more attractions near our community and call our apartments home, please contact us for more information.

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