Take a Trip to The Texas Military Forces Museum

Located a few minutes from the Sur512 Apartment Homes, the Texas Military Forces Museum is roughly 45,000 square feet filled with memorabilia from the state’s military branches. Visitors will learn all about the Texas Militia, National Guard, and more through fascinating collections and exhibits. The vast assortment includes:

Collection Items

The museum's collection includes the original World War I card files on soldiers who enlisted in Texas, journals written by soldiers of the 36th Division, and souvenir books from World War I and World War II.

36th Infantry Division Gallery

This exhibit explains the 36th Infantry Division starting from the very beginning of its creation. Highlights include items such as original uniforms, weapons, field surgeons kits, and footage from the Battle of San Pietro.

Great Hall

The Great Hall displays military vehicles used in the Cold War and the War on Terror. They include a Kiowa Helicopter, M3A1 Stuart Tank, and a Cold War era mess truck.

19th Century Gallery

The 19th century gallery tells the story of the Texas Revolution and the role of Texas troops during various wars. The must see items include a full-scale reproduction of a Civil War artillery emplacement, artifacts used by Texas troops in 1823, and a dioramas of The Battle for the Alamo.

Texas Navy Exhibit

This exhibit allows visitors to get a firsthand look at the history of the Texas Navy which is not widely known. While the museum is currently looking to add to the display, it currently highlights the responsibilities of the First and Second Navy and allows visitors to walk a replicated ship’s gangplank to see a reconstructed bulkhead.

The Texas Military Forces Museum is only one of many great attractions in the area. If you're interested in learning more about Sur512 and what the area has to offer, please contact us for more information.

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