Great Movie Theaters in Austin

Austin is a revolutionary city in many different ways, but one way that tends to get overlooked is how the city impacted the American moviegoing experience. After all, Austin is the birthplace of Alamo Drafthouse, the now nationwide chain that popularized the concept of having a meal and beverages in a higher-end setting with your film.

Even if the plush creature comforts don't interest you, there's plenty of other interesting and unique theaters to be found around the city. Austin is one of the best places in the country to catch a flick, and these are some of the city's best theaters.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (multiple locations) - This popular chain for adult moviegoers got its start right here in Austin's downtown area. The theater caters to people who genuinely want to watch a movie in that it insists that there not be screaming children, giggling teens or ringing cell phones while the movie is on. Food and drink are also served, including alcohol, and many older movies are screened here in addition to the latest blockbuster releases. Alamo presently has five different locations in Austin.

Moviehouse & Eatery (8300 N. FM 620) - This independent venue follows the Alamo model in serving food and drink and providing comfy reclining leather seats in the theater. You can catch the latest and greatest releases here, of course, but one of the most popular specials is the half-price classic movie night on Wednesdays.

Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In (1901 E. 51st St.) - If you want the classic drive-in experience, it's still available at Blue Starlite. Classic movies are the focus here, and ticket prices are low. Be aware that only about 50 cars are allowed per showing, however.

iPic Theater (3225 Amy Donovan Plaza) - iPic follows the Alamo model of offering comfortable seating and meals, but doubles down on the service and luxury with their premium seating options. Each ticket also comes with free water and popcorn.

Southwest Theaters Lake Creek 7 (13729 Research Blvd) - This is a no-frills theater that shows second-run movies, but it's clean and well kept and the prices are amazing. Regular showings are $3 for adults and matinees are $2. Concessions are also much more affordable than at any other theater in the area. If you missed a film on its first run, this is the place to catch up with it.

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