Austin Food & Wine Festival

Austin is known as a foodie’s paradise because of the number of excellent and innovative restaurants. At no time is this more true than the Austin Food and Wine Festival, which happens the weekend of April 22-24.

The Austin Food and Wine Festival happens every year, put on by the Austin Food and Wine Alliance, a group dedicated to excellent and innovative food in the central Texas region. The festival consists of hundreds of chefs, wine-makers, and beer purveyors gathered at Auditorium Shores and Republic Square Park, near the Colorado River.

Visit the Grand Taste Pavilion, which features more than 25,000 square feet of chefs and restaurants offering their wares. You can sample, partake, come back for more.

There will also be demonstrations by top chefs. Everyone from Lance Kirkpatrick of Stiles Switch Barbeque, to Kazu Fukumoto of Fukumoto Sushi, to Melissa Moss of Lenoir. The chefs will be available to answer questions about their restaurants, meals, and stance about everything food.

The Grand Taste Pavilion is not the only specialized area. Because Texas is all about barbeque, you can find multiple tents dedicated to it. At the Grilling Tent, see how the pro’s grill and come away with ideas of your own. Other tents include the Hickory Tent, a Mesquite Tent, and a Fire Pit tent.

There is also a “Meet the Maker” tent where you can watch demonstrations by some of the area’s most innovative makers of spirits. Some participants include Beaujolais region wine-tasting and the folks at Wild Turkey.

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