Visit the 11th Annual Austin Spring Home & Garden Show

Spring is here with blooms and greenery! Spring and plants calls for decorating your apartment with new greenery or new blooms to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of months that are warmer and greener.

Whether you are a gardener or not, there is tons of fun at the 11th Annual Austin Spring Home and Garden Show. There will be food, demonstrations, and entertainment, held April 1 to 3 at Palmer Events Center.

The wonderful thing about home and garden shows is a chance to not only see tons of beauty, but to see doable beauty that you can plan for and incorporate. The Austin Spring Home and Garden Show will planned to have abundant landscape displays that often use local Texas flora. In addition, experienced landscapers will be on hand to answer your questions.

One of the special guests this year will be experienced home designer, Matt Muenster, who has appeared on HGTV Dream Home Challenge, Ellen’s Design Challenge, and Bathtastic. Another special guest will be Todd Wilbur, who is a chef on CMT’s Top Secret Recipes.

The Austin Spring Home and Garden Show will also feature a “Go Texas” gift and gourmet area, where you can sample local products.

Think that a home and garden show is more for people who own their home than renters? Think again! There will be plenty advice and displays of plants, sound systems, kitchens, and more available for renters.

Go, enjoy, and get your home on.

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