Great Bookstores in Austin, TX

Bookstores are a great way to get to know a community—especially independent book stores, which provide much more of a peek into how the customers and staff think than chains like Barnes & Noble. Austin, TX is fortunate to have a number of great independently owned bookstores that work as hubs for the community, with reading groups and community events.

Check out Book People, whose witty motto is “A Community Bound by Books.” It’s the largest independent bookstore in Texas. Their selection is abundant, on every topic imaginable.

If you’re looking for people who share your passion for reading—or just browsing through bookstore aisles—join one of the multiple book clubs! There are ones for history lovers, new books, science fiction, horror, mysteries, and more. Every month, a club interested in the intersection of books and movies meets in the store also. There’s also a Happy Hour Book Club; they meet in a restaurant, with drinks! Come on down.

Austin’s Malvern Books is distinguished externally by a bright and lovely neon sign. (How often have bookstores been associated with neon? Only in Austin.) Internally, it is distinguished by a devotion to fiction and poetry by emerging and established writers.

Because of their dedication to lesser known fiction and poetry writers, Malvern hosts a number of book launch events in which the authors read from their works and discuss the books with the audience.

They also have a number of book clubs, including one based on the New York Review of Books and one called “B and C Book Club.” What does B and C stand for? Well, beer and cookies, of course.

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