Zilker Kite Festival in Austin, TX

Consider this your invitation to the very cool Zilker Kite Festival in Austin, TX , which happens the first Sunday of every March. (This year, that’s March 6.)

Why fly a kite? First, it’s a turnout for a good cause. The notion of sponsoring a festival to fly kites was started by the Exchange Club of Austin, which founded the initial kite festival in 1956 to encourage creativity in children. That mission was accomplished, and it still is, every year. The Exchange Club of Austin also supports organizations that work against child abuse in the state.

Second, it's open to everyone. The Kite Festival is open to everyone who wants to get a kite together and come on down. In that way, it’s very Austin—not a lot of rules, good spontaneity. The festival is free and pre-registration is not required. (You do have to register once you get there, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. The kite-flying commences at 1 p.m.) There are also two stipulations about the kites: 1) home-made, not store bought; 2) only one line.

Third, it’s fun. You will see some beautiful and creative kites. There are a number of contests. One of the most notable is the “most unusual kite” contest, where the judges will review the theme and approach of the kites, with particular attention to any (in the words of the website) “odd, striking, or novel features or shapes.” There’s also one for steadiest kite.

Fourth, there is food! Come on down and enjoy the winds of early Spring.

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