New Luxury on South Congress

Living Life in New Luxury Apartments on South Congress

Located in exciting South Austin, new luxury apartments on South Congress allow you to experience some great neighborhood attractions, including an active night scene and some amazing opportunities for dining out. Whether you enjoy sampling new beverages, trying new food, viewing art galleries or finding great new bands to listen to, there is plenty going on year-round to keep you entertained while you enjoy living at Sur512.

If you are interested in local beers with distinct flavors and a colorful history, you will enjoy the atmosphere and selection at South Austin Brewery, known for a variety of housemade beers and ales. Visit on a Friday or Saturday to participate in "Meet the Brewers" happy hour.

If you like great food, living in South Austin is an excellent place to start. With a wide selection of culinary options and cultural cuisines, even the pickiest palate will find something tasty. Whether you want to find a fun place to sit and enjoy a drink or stroll the street and take advantage of some fantastic food vendors, Austin is the place to do it.

For those that enjoy art and music, the scene in South Austin is active and exhilarating. A selection of art galleries with permanent and rotating exhibits ensures a feast for your eyes. With a number of local bands and groups performing frequently, there is almost always a concert or show for you to attend.

Living at Sur512 means more than just having a home. It means living - and enjoying - your life. Contact us to find out more about what awaits in South Austin.

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