Take a Tour of Amy's Ice Creams

In 1984, Amy's Ice Cream was born in Austin, and since then locations have popped up in Houston and San Antonio, too. But it all started here, and locals flock to Amy's for luscious premium ice creams (the Mexican Vanilla is legendary!). They offer seven decadent classics, plus a rotating array of 350 additional flavors, so there's always something new to savor.

A tour of Amy's is a unique outing in Austin, so book one (about a month in advance, please, says Amy's website!) and come learn all the sweet details. You'll learn about ice creams' delicious history as a treat, and about Amy's ice cream making process. The tour is offered each weekday at 10am, and lasts about a half hour. They can accommodate a tour of 35 people maximum, and kids are welcome but must be at least 5 years old to participate.

There is no charge for the tour itself, but it does culminate with - you guessed it! - a delectable scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice creams, for which they charge $2.00.

(Amy's also creates divine non-dairy ices and frozen yogurts, so if anyone in your group prefers those types of treats, they have you covered!)

For complete details, check out the information about the tour and the booking process on their site!

Amy’s Ice Creams Production Facility is located at: 2109 Northland Drive, Austin, Texas 78756

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