Don't Miss The Texas Craft Brewers Festival

On September 30, Austin is hosting the greatest showcase of Texas craft beer at Fiesta Gardens.

We're talking about the Texas Craft Brewers Festival, and it's the state's largest beer event that focuses solely on Texas-produced craft beer.

It's for those twenty-one and over, and participating brewers include:

Pegasus City Brewery

The co-founders began brewing in 2011 on a porch in Dallas as they had a desire to create great tasting, easy drinking beers at home. Soon, their family and friends were enjoying their delicious creations which led to the founding of Pegasus City Brewery. It opened in 2017, and they serve their five "front porch" approved flavors including Cannoneer, Nine Volt, and Sixth Floor.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company

Buffalo Bayou is known for putting a new twist on an old craft. The brewery's website states that its mission is to create beers that honor the pioneering history of Texas as well as celebrate the adventurous spirit of a city built on outlaws and invention. The selection includes Sam's Daily, Great White Buffalo, and Almond Darling Clementine.

Martin House Brewing

Named after the founders and the purple martin bird that's native to Texas, this brewing company got its start in a garage. The staff takes pride in hands-on craftsmanship and sharing the delicious beers with those who walk through the doors. The year-round selection includes True Love, Gateway Blonde, and Day Break.

The Texas Craft Brewers Festival is just one of the many fun events that you can enjoy if you call Sur512 Apartments home. Please contact our friendly representatives to schedule a tour.

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